Prestige Sanctuary Nandi Hills is a hill fortress in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The Hills are near town Nandi. The sunset at Nandi Hills is popular among tourists. Many exotic flora and fauna are present here and are popular among bird watchers.  The serene weekend destination has now become popular among the residential community as people likes to migrate or invest in this area especially because of the climate and the atmosphere of this area. With that the upcoming IT development project of ITIR – Information Technology Investment Region have also increased the current residential development at this area. With this blooming IT development as catalyst Nandi Hills have witnessed huge developmental activities. This famous tourist attraction has now developed into a residential area at certain places. There are many upcoming residential projects that are happening near areas such as Devanahalli and Doddaballapur

Now, let us analyse the pros and cons of living near Nandi Hills.


Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of living in and around Nandi Hills, the government is giving serious attention to this area and many projects are going on in and around Nandi Hills. The Horticulture department is developing an exotic botanical garden that stretches across 140 acres of the hill surface. Also, a magnificent food court project worth 1 crore is also being initiated by the department.

The other ongoing project include a planetarium, Gondola Lift system and many more are also being emerging here. With the end of all these projects the value of residential as well as commercial properties and plots will increase to a great extent.



While analysing the advantages and disadvantages of living at Nandi Hills, it could be concluded that the advantages out – weighs in number than disadvantages. Looking in general Nandi Hills is an appropriate place to live as it has all the major facilities around it. The disadvantages surrounding the place must also be looked upon as it might be uncomfortable for people. But it could be solved by certain measures such as buying a property not in a close proximity to the tourist attractions and were crowd gathers.