How Prestige Sanctuary ultra-luxury Villa in Nandi Hills is advantageous?

Prestige Sanctuary - Villas in Nandi Hills
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The real estate market in India is continuously booming and is estimated to strike 1 trillion USD in 2030. Simultaneously, the real estate sector in Bangalore is rising and could be the next big surge. Today, people from all over the world choose to invest in and around Bangalore. One of the fast-growing localities in terms of the realty sector is Nandi hills. 

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is a hill fortress positioned in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. It is almost 60 kilometers away from the main city of Bangalore and is in proximity to the town called Nandi. Fascinatingly, the outline of the hills resembles a bull that the localities call Nandi. The weather here is pleasant and serene. The whole location is rich in flora and fauna. This location is also the birthplace of Emperor Tipu Sultan and holds the fort built by him. In terms of water resources, this location is blessed with four mighty rivers — Palar, Arkavathy, Penna, and Ponnaiyar. On the whole, Nandi Hills is a place that would truly make your home a divine place to reside.


Nandi hills are proudly holding several impressive educational institutions, healthcare centers, and transportation hubs. A few prominent educational institutions include Gitanjali International School, the CMA group of Institutions, Sri Krishna University, Sha Shib aerospace engineering college, etc. Hospitals in proximity include Jeevan hospital, Manasa hospital, and CSI hospital. The town also offers innumerable buses that run between Nandi hills and other places. Kempegowda International airport is mere 19 kilometers from the hill.

Why would Nandi Hills increase in value?

Nandi Hills in recent times attained some attention from the government and loads of projects are going on in and in nearby locations. The department of horticulture is developing an exotic botanical garden that stretches across 140 acres of the hill surface. Some ongoing and proposed projects include a planetarium, gondola lift system, Prestige Sanctuary, and QVC Nandi Hills. Besides the environment and infrastructure, this location is incredibly easy to get back loans approved. Several real estate developers (like Prestige Group) are coming up with ultra-luxury villa projects in Nandi Hills. Prestige Sanctuary is a pre-launch ultra-luxury residential villa project erected by Prestige Group in Nandi Hills. Prestige Sanctuary, Nandi Hills is spread-eagled on 25 acres of land. This residential project is planned to offer 75 ultra-luxury villas along with ample open space. The price of this ultra-luxury villa is expected to be Rs. 3 crores and above. Also, they are dedicated to helping you get hassle-free bank loans.

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